Custom Tower Refits

If you are looking to update the overall appearance of your vessel, or your current tower no longer meets your needs, a custom tower refit may be the solution. Bausch Towers can refit your vessel with a new tower or modify your existing tower with a new buggy top. In most cases, we can incorporate your existing hard top in the refit. Please enjoy the following examples of tower refit projects designed, fabricated and installed by Bausch Towers.

This 56′ Freedom Boatworks was refit with a full tower at Bausch Towers.

The 68′ Paul Mann JICHI was refit with a custom full tower incorporating the existing hard top.

The 64′ Precision SWAGGER was refit with a new full tower incorporating the vessel’s existing hard top, complete with tri-color LED dome and spreader lights.

Incorporating the existing hard top, Bausch Towers outfitted this 42′ Tiara with a full tower and separate standing platform. The riggers were also modified and moved to the hard top.

This 65′ American Custom Yacht was refit with a new half tower to replace its original tuna tower.

Bausch Towers refit this 48′ Buddy Davis with a tuna tower utilizing the existing hard top from the vessel’s original half tower.

Bausch Towers replaced the existing antenna tower with a new center-ladder full tower on this 70′ Hatteras enclosed bridge sportfisherman.
We removed the existing crow’s nest and repositioned the radar aft to accommodate a new full tower on this 73′ Trinity

Bausch Towers integrated a full tower on this 45′ CABO utilizing the vessel’s original hard top.

We outfitted this 38′ Pursuit with a custom full tower incorporating the vessel’s existing hard top.

This 54′ Hatteras was refit with a new tuna tower by modifying the vessel’s existing Hard Top instead of replacing it during the refit process.

Bausch Towers converted the half tower on this 36′ Wellcraft to a low-profile center ladder tower with a molded Hard Top and custom buggy top.
We performed a tower conversion on the 33′ Grady-White DEBRA LYNN, adding an upper section to the existing factory half tower.